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Investment Innovation through Technology, Data, and Insight

The 6000 Year Bubble

Gold, Game Theory, and Bitcoin Debate continues to develop separating digital currency (crypto) from fiat money (central bank currency, i.e. dollars). Blockchain-based finance enabling immediate transfer and settlement in digital currency, on the one hand, seems...

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Who We Are

Anika Capital is a Fintech Data-Analytics Company specialized in Algorithmic Trading. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms and extensive analytics, we invest in value and special opportunities in the fixed income, equities, futures and cryptocurrency markets.


Increased market volatility, consumer-based investment platforms and rapid computer-based trading have created unique investment opportunities across a broad range of securities. Our research, analysis, intellectual property, and industry expertise enable Anika to develop an effective strategy that minimizes risk while generating attractive returns from these unique market conditions.

About Anika Capital

Anika was founded by five individuals based on the belief that diversity of experience, depth of technical knowledge, and ongoing research and analysis would build a unique and sustainable competitive advantage for a new investment company. Our strategy merges investment management, algorithmic trading, and software development.

We have built an algorithmic software platform adaptable to any investor or market condition. The team today combines modern data science, cutting edge data computation, operations, and trading experience to execute its investment strategy.

About the Principles