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Anika is a high-quality company led by a credible management team, well-positioned to capture significant growth opportunities in the cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem.

Exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a major investment theme for the company, but Anika will also focus on blockchain technologies and digital assets.

  • Anika has an attractive business model because, (beyond the daily price movements of Bitcoin), the underlying business across asset management, decentralized finance, and trading has the potential to generate significant cash flow and operating income, highlighting a level of diversification and risk management.
  • Whether the price of bitcoin is at $60,000 or $30,000, there is an expectation for ongoing adoption of related digital asset applications that will make Anika well-positioned to benefit from continued growth opportunities. While a rising price environment for cryptocurrency is positive, the more substantial opportunity is for Anika to capture broader growth as blockchain technologies play a greater role across the economy.