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What is Anika Capital?

Anika Capital is an algorithmic software company specializing in the creation, development, and utilization of algorithms trading autonomously in futures and equities markets.

The conditions implemented are based on years of trading experience, combined with modern computer science and cutting edge historical data computation.

Anika’s philosophy is built around price action, trend identification, and exploitation of market volatility. The human decision-making process is eliminated, allowing for the most streamline and efficient method of trading.

Anika’s Investment Philosophy

Anika’s algorithmic software is designed to preemptively find opportunities in the market conditions before or as they are happening. The autonomous feature of the software allows split-second decisions to be made, eliminating any indecision.

Autonomous Trading Made Simple

Anika Capital takes all the guess work out of market decisions. Utilizing proprietary and off-the-shelf software, Anika builds your dynamic forecast strategy, utilizing already proven software-based algorithms.

Historical Data Management

Anika Capital proudly partners with Pandim for data management needs. Pandim utilizes sophisticated trading software to develop, back-test and automate stratagems. All algorithms are developed with statistical research and walk-forward analysis to create robust trading models. Anika’s research utilizes realistic assumptions including commissions and slippage to create reliable back-tests.

Strategy Development

Anika Capital offers specialized strategy development. Utilizing years of coding experience, Anika delivers your strategy based on exact specifications.

About the Algorithms

Anika’s algorithmic software has multiple variable inputs, allowing ultimate flexibility and adaptation to any market condition. Variable settings include the use of profit targets and stop losses, both for individual trades as well as daily limits. Anika’s money management offers the ability to compound profit and return the correct percentage back into the market. The data compilation process allows Anika to project both gains and losses, based on previous performance. Anika deciphers data continuously and adjust accordingly.

Anika’s algorithms are proprietary, and source code or software architecture is not shared.


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