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We look for investment opportunities that offer substantial upside potential and limited downside risk. Anika invests in securities with an asymmetric return profile while focusing on risk management.

We segment our investment portfolio into these investment stages:*

  • Core Capital: these are low risk investments generating a high current return. These investments consist of either uniquely priced fixed income securities or high dividend equities, depending on market conditions. Core Capital securities are highly liquid and can easily scale in size.
  • Returns from the Core Capital strategy are redeployed into Anika’s algorithmic proprietary trading. These algorithms trade futures, commodities, cryptocurrency and other emerging investments.
  • Algorithmic trading profits are reinvested back into the trading platform and allocated to the Alternatives Fund (“The Black Swan Fund”).
  • The Alternatives Fund ( “The Black Swan Fund”) takes advantage of unique market conditions as they emerge, and also hedges against market risk and volatility.

Anika’s investment strategy assumes low risk relative to upside potential and combines a long-term perspective, unique market and security analysis, and extensive research and data analysis.

*All of our investments are made through private accounts or a private investment vehicle.