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About Us

Anika is a high-quality company led by a management team well-positioned to capture significant growth opportunities in the digital asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Deep experience in a nascent industry
Our team is comprised of early and active investors in the digital asset and blockchain industry. We focus on extensive and deep research to develop our investment strategies. Digital asset investment is in its early phases, but success requires disciplined investment experience, and we have developed our strategies and standards over decades of work and are now focused on specific opportunities within digital asset space.

Rational investors in an irrational market
At Anika, we are diligent about making thoughtful investments in this emerging sector in all market conditions. We take a risk-adjusted approach and invest where the risk-adjusted return is most attractive. We believe digital assets and blockchain technology has transformational power, but we will still approach every investment with discipline and rigor.

Entrepreneurs and innovators
We are entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, and will creative and thorough developing solutions and investment opportunities within the digital asset space, including decentralized finance, digital tokens, asset management and venture capital, and lending, trading, and derivative investments.