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Anika Capital is an asset management firm operating in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology industry.

Anika’s operations are divided among the following business lines:

Securities Trading, including all forms of digital assets and cryptocurrency, as well as futures contracts and ETFs related to these digital assets and currencies.

Asset Management, including long-term holdings in digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, and/or any other digital assets deemed appropriate.

Principal Investments, including potential long-term private investments in new technology companies in the digital asset, decentralized finance, or cryptocurrency space. Anika engages in these transactions by partnering with other investors and investment firms.

Decentralized Finance, including providing a platform which enables the matching of potential borrowers with providers of capital. Anika would act as an intermediary, enabling this decentralized finance, as well as providing capital to attractive situations. We anticipate that Anika will initially use the Ethereum digital platform to create and distribute these assets.

Cryptocurrency Mining, including the creation of new digital assets and cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform and other appropriate digital platforms.